Easy & safe Way to use your money

International Smart card has more than 10 years experience in issuing Biometric ID Cards for citizens in Iraq

  • 12 banks

    Including Rafidain and Rasheed (the two largest banks in Iraq)

  • 5 to 15

    minutes For Card Issuing Per Costume

  • 303

    Capacity to issue Cards / Month / Station

  • 9000

    POS Terminals

  • 5000

    Payment Outlets

  • 404

    Enrollment Centers Throughout Iraq

  • more than

    5.5 Million


  • International Smart Card is the leading provider of electronic financial transaction services in Iraq. Its private-label, closed-loop, payment card scheme is called Qi (pronounced "key"). QiCard is used for disbursement of pensions, salaries, and grants, as well as purchases and payment of bills and fees.


  • 2017-06-08
    “Uniqueness Smart Services Excellence in Crisis and Disaster Management” award

    Qicard Company has won the “Uniqueness Smart Services Excellence in Crisis and Disaster Management ” award. Awarded by the  Middle East Institute at the 23rd GCC of Smart Cities conference that held in Dubai.

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  • 2016-06-02
    QiCard won Cards and Payments Middle East 2016 Award in “Best Prepaid Program”

    9 years of providing technical financial solution for the Iraqi citizen and learning from out partner and taking care of them so we can grow together, to validated our work, QiCard the leading electronic payment services company in Iraq is winning international awards and this time we have the owner to win award in “best prepaid […]

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  • 2016-05-09
    QiCard .. one of the main sponsors to the ceremony of university of Baghdad

    QiCard is the one of the main sponsors to the ceremony of university of Baghdad, we had instrumental in the job fair so we invested this opportunities to linking the student of the university with the career providers that participated in the event and inform them about the opportunities that available in the market at this time.

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  • 2016-03-13
    QiCard lead sponsor of the third World Conference on the banking & financial services in Iraq.

    QiCard contributed gathers together all major stakeholders involved in directing the economic development of Iraq under the auspices of the Central Bank Governor, Mr. Ali Keywords and other leading figures in the Iraq Finance Conference 2016 with the participation of more than 200 investors, where discussed a several important topics like, the Iraqi Central Bank’s plans and […]

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  • 2016-01-08
    QiCard .. diamond Sponsor of the Iraqi banking Conference

    QiCard diamond Sponsor of the thired Iraqi banking Conference, which was held in Baghdad on 12 & 13 December 2015 under the auspices of the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi, Conference attended by representatives from the Arab central banks and diplomatic figures, non-Iraqi foreign government.

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  • QiCard Biometric Debit
    Qicard solution is unique worldwide. It employs multi-biometric identity information of the card owner
  • QiCard Biometric CReDit
    QiCard is launching the first credit program for Employees using its Qicard Biometric Solution.
  • Qi - Master Card
    International Smart Card is a Principal Member with MasterCard International for issuing and acquiring since 2014.



    Receive and access to the money through our service points existing across all Iraqi regions and our counters in most national banks.

  • Partial withdrawal

    Withdraw a certain amount of money from the qicard balance


    Accomplish and receive money transfers between cardholders instantly


    Check available balance in the account

  • Retail shops

    Purchase using your QiCard at retail shops

  • deposit

    upload money to qicard account and use it any time



ISC offers to Government & Institutions a One-Stop-Service to issue instant Biometric Cards for their beneficiaries.
Today ISC has more than 200 enrollment centers spread all over the Iraqi provinces with the capacity to issue more than 250,000 Biometric cards per month.

The enrollment centers in

  • Al-Rafdain
  • Al-Rasheed

Payroll distribution
& Cash disbursement

ISC allow employers to process Salaries for their employees and cash disbursement for funders through an automated process, which is also highly secure and confidential.



QiCard Biometric-payment card for distribution of aid to refugees

A joint initiative between International Smart Card and the Ministry of Migrant for the distribution of aid to internally displaced refugees in Iraq, using biometric identitybased smart cards.





ISC Support Numbers Local

Asiacell - Zain - korek : 422
local lines : 200
International: 009647823700422

Email: qicard@qicard.net
WEBSITE: qicard.net